Endless Pool Swim School

The OTCF Heated Endless Pool is the first of this new design in the UK and is now ready and we are delighted to be able to offer you a range of swimming analysis, coaching, training but also aqua running on our under water treadmill. Our treadmill allows you to run on only 50-25% of your body weight. Underwater Treadmill page here

Vouchers now available email steve@offthatcouchfitness.co.uk


One to One Swimming Analysis £99.00

At OTCF endless pool swim school we use GO Pro HD filming to record the swimmer swimming both above and sub water from 14 different camera positions so absolutely every part of the swimmers stroke and style is recorded. The video is displayed live on our monitor and uploaded online and/or to a disc afterwards whilst we sit down and go through the footage together on the monitor. Expert analysis is then given on stroke and technique corrections to help you improve your swimming in the water. Swim Analysis page here

A detailed take away swimming improvement plan can then be designed and discussed for you to go away learn, develop and improve your technique over a period of weeks with constant contact available with OTCF in this period. (£20 extra)

A discounted follow up session can be booked in to come back, review and repeat the process with full swimming analysis taking place again.

Swim Filming Session £50

Use of the OTCF Endless pool and our Go Pro HD filming uploaded onto a disc to use with your own coach etc (note we do the filming and put footage on a disc for you)

Swimming Coaching

1:1 £25 (30 minutes)

1:2 £35 (30 minutes)

A personal swimming lesson in the OTCF pool so all the focus is on just you with no interruptions

Group swimming lessons minimum 2 people

please contact to discuss steve@offthatcouchfitness.co.uk


Swim analysis sessions are carried out by Steve Clark who has a 53 Minute Ironman 3.8km swim PB and multiple Sub 20 minute standard triathlon swims.

Christmas Vouchers now available email steve@offthatcouchfitness.co.uk