Name and nickname?

Steve Grocock ‘Spartacus’

How long have you been involved with sports?

I’ve always enjoyed sports from a young age including county swimming, school & pub football teams, judo & boxing clubs. Unfortunately I never got on with cross country something I’ve since come to regret.

How long have you been on the race Britcon team?

I’ve been on the team from its inception I think, at least 4 years, I've been truly grateful ever since.

What’s your favourite discipline and why?

Cycling has to be my favourite. It’s amazing how many miles of countryside you can discover all under your own steam for zero cost. (if you don’t count the thousands of pounds of carbon bikes that you amass). It seems a long time ago now but It doesn’t get much better than attending your first group ride with ‘proper’ athletes and cyclists and not getting dropped. Your buzzing for days........until the next time you go and you can’t hold that wheel. Great times.

What’s your least favourite and why?

I guess it’s swimming although running is my weakest discipline. I’m a very lazy swimmer and give it little attention. Much to Coach Clark’s frustration I’ll normally start swimming a month or so before a race and then panic train whilst of course regretting the fact I’ve neglected to respect this discipline. I promise myself I’ll visit the pool at least once a week but I never do. It’s a shame because I have it in me to be a decent swimmer, but it’s just not for me.

Who are your Inspirations?

There’s  the sporting greats like Muhammad Ali, Joe Calzaghe, Sir Steve Redgrave, Jan Frodeno, Beryl Burton to name a few but it’s those that normally finish above me in a race that actually inspire me. My first triathlon in 2008 had my scratching my head to how these guys in spangly Lincsquad trisuits and aero hats could go so quick. They were my inspirations.

Top tip for a newbie?

Other than get yourself a coach (who could give you thousands of tips)

I would say practice your weakest discipline. There’s no point in getting out of the pool first if you’re going to walk half the run course.

Favourite training session?

Currently and seeing as we’re on lockdown it has to be that 400m running track on Zwift. There’s loads of training sessions and some taylor made ones from Clarky on there that keep me occupied. Historically it’s a week of big rides/runs at Mallorca tricamps.

Why did you get involved with OTCF/Britcon

As I've said previously my inspirations are those that are faster than me so I guess the old adage ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ makes complete sense to me. There’s some very quick and youthful guys in the team now but back in the day there was just Clarky who was local so it made perfect sense to train and race with him. Britcon coming on board was a massive boost as they’ve been a tremendous help. Makes me extremely proud to wear the kit.

How did you get into triathlon?

I happened to spot the poster for the Homecrafts Brigg sprint whilst lifting weights in the gym. I was almost 16 stone at the time and boy did I know it when I started off on the run leg.

Favourite meal?

I probably enjoy Italian food from a decent restaurant more than anything, Lasagne and pastas. You still can’t beat a good Sunday roast though. Oh and a kebab and an Indian, steak with a blue cheese sauce., buffalo wings at Damon’s. Yeah I’m terrible.

Favourite film / series?

Deadman’s shoes is my favourite film with Breaking Bad, GOT and Gomorrah as my best box sets. I watch a lot of Films and series‘ so have many favourites.

Outside of sport you love doing?

Listening to music, watching boxing, meals with the wife, beer with the boys. Watching films.

Best race performance to date

It has to be Ironman world champs at Kona 2016. It was a tough, hot, windy day and a lot of very good athletes struggled. I finished 3rd Brit in my AG.  I missed out on my goal of sub 10 hrs by a minute which still hurts but that day wasn’t about fast times. 

Bucket list races to do

If I’m truthful I don’t want anything any harder than Kona. These Double/Triple/Deca Ironmen are mental. Any race that has words like Brutal, Extreme or Tough in, Alcatraz, Norseman etc doesn’t sell it to me.

I could maybe stretch to Ironman Wales or Lanzarote one year. Swimming the channel has always been a thought, but then I remember I don’t like swimming.

Biggest sporting achievement

Apart from Qualifying for Kona and finishing 3rd Brit at Kona it has to be winning the Under 11 county championships at breaststroke and winning both the Gainsborough and District Darts individual and doubles finals on stage.

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