Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships, Rimini Italy

Rimini was my first big triathlon race of the year and one I had been targeting to be in top shape for. All was going to plan training wise until I picked up a soleus injury during London Marathon which meant 2 weeks of rest apart from swimming and lots of treatment with Ian from Mcbride’s Physiotherapy. I have to thank Ian as he got me running again and I managed 3 good runs in the 10 days before the event.

Me and Emily flew out to Italy on the Thursday morning given us both plenty of time to do what we wanted when we got there me recce the course and Em’s Sunbath but unfortunately the weather was horrendous and it was storms all day Friday and Saturday so we was confined to Cafes along the sea front all selling nice Italian Cakes like Tiramisu I just starred at them thinking come Sunday night I’m having one of them and one of them etc. (but only if I do well)

Race Day One thing the Italians do get right when putting on a race is that we didn’t start until 11am as with Ironman racing I’m used to 4am alarm clocks for a 6 or 7am race start so been able to have breakfast at 7:30am was rather nice.

We headed down to set up in Transition at 9am with the rain starting to ease off and even the Sun breaking out.