Legerman Craig Scott Style

After a few weeks undecided as to whether I’m doing the Legerman half distance I get the message on the Wednesday from Steve saying he would like me to do it, so that’s It, Sunday is my last event before IMUK.

Race day, 4:30am wake up call, beautiful sunshine and not a breath of wind made perfect conditions. First challenge of the day was getting porridge down at 5am, then load the bikes into the car and we are on our way. Arrive at Hatfield and get ourselves into transition, set all the gear out then triple check I have everything and start to feel nervous but then a few familiar faces started turning up in transition which always settles the nerves. Last minute toilet stop to make sure I’m at race weight and then down to the water side and wait for my start wave. A few minutes later I’m in the water and the start gun sounds, the swim seems very crowded so I thought find some space and relax, next thing a brush of a foot across my right cheek and my goggles are lifted up onto my head, don’t panic I thought just tread water and get them back on. After what felt like minutes I was round the first lap into the Australian exit the back into the second loop, this time no drama just relaxed and tried to concentrate on my swimming.

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