Ironman Wales race report – Pete Tindall

Entering this event was probably very late and as someone mentioned, “very stealth”. There are many reasons for a such a late entry, but I will not bore you with them on this report, as in 2 weeks time, I will be competing in IRONMAN Barcelona. Entering Wales the Saturday before the event was very last minute , I was fit and had no injuries and felt good. The week up to the race had now become a logistic nightmare, travelling down and booking accommodation and by Tuesday evening everything had been sorted. Training wise, I took it steady and kept the muscles turning. Traveled down on the Friday afternoon, which took longer than excepted due to an accident on the M1. Finally arrived at hotel number 1 and went out for a quick walk to stretch the legs and grab some food. Saturday arrived and up at 6am, to go and register for 8am. Registration was very quick, as I was one of the first there. Then it dawned on me, that there was no turning back. I collected my wrist bands and goody bag and the nerves set in.

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