Ironman UK by Shawnie Lovatt

I certainly didn’t think I’d be writing an Ironman race report this year so this is very exciting and it could be a long one so if you’re going to stick this out, get comfy. My decision to do the ironman was made in March when coach told me that id be ready for an ironman this summer, I don’t think I took too much convincing and was soon signed up, so here we are!

Its been a fabulous journey to the start line, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot and I’m extremely grateful that my training went pretty perfectly, the 5am starts, the windy and rainy ‘character building’ rides to get me to the start line was all for that day. And I have met some of the best people on the way who have come on long training rides with me (as my navigation skills aren’t exactly tip top), have swam open water with me every week, altered my bike for me and fixed my punctures/tried to teach me how to do it and just generally helped me out with advice because I’m technically still a newbie t