Britcon OTCF RT member Steve Grocock’s mid-season Race Report.

Having had a busy 2016, racing at Kona was always going to be hard act to follow. So this year was never going to be a big (Ironman) year. This year hasn’t been my typical slow start to the season, no, this year has been even more pedestrian than usual. Decorating, illness and the Wife’s London marathon seemed to take up the first quarter of the year. First up was a few Time Trials, both with Lincsquad and at Gainsborough and quite deservedly I was a fair whack off my previous pace. I Kidded myself on that a minute off the pace and a bit of ring rust was to be expected especially as last year’s TTs were a non-starter due to weather and roadworks. In all honesty, this was just an excuse for partying a little too hard since Hawaii. Having your ‘A’ races in October like the previous two years (Barca 2015, Kona 2016) allows you to build up through the season at a more relaxed pace. The drawbacks of this of course mean y