Post Race the 3 R’s

Recover, refuel and review!

Some great racing at the weekend and excellent results.. The hard work is paying off?!

Its essential to Recover and learn from each race.. here’s a few tips that might help you.

1. Refuel and stretch, – Refuel with quality nutrition, its always tempting to down a few beers and scoff a burger, but plan ahead, the first few hour are essential, have a protein/recovery drink ready (a 50/50 mix of simple sugar carbs and protein is good) re-store the carbs in your body and supply some protein to aid the healing process in the muscle fibres, if there’s the offer of a free 10min leg massage then take it!. a couple of beers is fine but too much will wreck the recovery!

2. Review, – take time to look at your splits and compare to your predictions, make notes of what went well (and why) what can be improved on (how will you do that!), Did the race highlight some real weakness’s that need addressing so you don’t make the same mistakes again, if you’re self-coached or have a coach your own analysis of the race is very important to progress your training.

3. Plan, –  Make sure you plan for the next race, this will give your training more purpose and supply the motivation you need to get in the pool and work harder.

4. Kit, – Is it time upgrade your kit? add tri-bars to get more aero, invest in some recover compression kit,.. Don’t forget to clean your bike, wash out your wetsuit and air your trainers!

Training hard and consistently will bring rewards and success, it won’t happen over night, you’ve gotta keep reminding yourself why you started!

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