You are an Ironman


Ironman Barcelona- Chris Store

Ironman Barcelona – Peter Wordsworth

Ironman Barcelona- Pete Tindall

Ironman Barcelona – Richard Anness

Ironman Wales – Pete Tindall

Ironman Wales – Paul McEwan

Ironman Wales – Ash Evans

Ironman Wales – John Chambers

Ironman Wales – Matt Bagshawe

Ironman Vichy 70.3 – Richard Thompson

Outlaw – Chris Store

Challenge Roth   – Richard Anness

Ironman UK – Steven Johnstone

Ironman Jonkoping 70.3 – Per Svensson

City to Summit – John Chambers

The Wall – Gemma Scott

Triathlon X – Steve Clark


Ironman World Champs Kona – Steve Grocock

Ironman Barcelona – Bjarte Gronstol

Ironman Barcelona – Graham Cowan

Ironman Vichy – Jo Whitaker

Norseman – Steve Clark

Ironman Maastricht – Mark Harrison

Ironman UK – Nicky Robinson

Ironman UK – Jon Dixon

Outlaw – Steve Ornsby

Outlaw – Dan Ellis

Ironman Austria – Richard Anness

Ironman Austria – Steve and Steve


Challenge Rimini – Steve Clark

Ironman Austria – Gary Baugh

Outlaw – Dan Ellis

Ironman Wales – Steve Beevers,

Ironman Wales – Ian Mcbride

Ironman Barcelona – Steve Clark

Ironman Barcelona – Richard Stenton

Ironman Barcelona – Richard Powell

Sundowner – Steve Clark and Steve Grocock

Ironman Barcelona – Steve Grocock – Qualified for Kona


The Norseman – Richard Olsson

Ironman Malaysia – Luke Mathews Qualifies for Kona

Ironman UK – Debi Coles

Ironman Austria – Scott Barley

Ironman Copenhagen – Steve Dolby

Ironman Copenhagen – Steve Clark

Outlaw – Luke Mathews

Ironman Wales – Dave Gibbs

Ironman Wales – Steve Beevers

Ironman Wales – Dave Hinch

Ironman Wales – Scott Barley

Ironman Switzerland – Robert Woodcock

Ironman Austria – Steve Clark


Challenge Roth – David Hinch

Midnight Man – Andrew Veitch

Ironman Bolton – Luke Mathews Qualified for Kona

Ironman Kona – Steve Clark

Ironman Kona – Robbie Whitaker


Ironman Wales – Robbie Whitaker Qualified for Kona

Ironman Wales – Steve Clark Qualified for Kona


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