Putting an Ironman Plan together

As with anything like buying a power meter or signing up to a plan it doesn’t make you faster unless you follow it and use it. For me the key to any Ironman or triathlon training plan is consistency and completing marked out key sessions each week. Typically in my plans I have 2 key swims, bikes and runs each week. I’m not going to talk in depth about these sessions but a general guide can be found below.


2 key Swims – (endurance set, threshold set)

2 Key Bikes – (longer endurance ride and a shorter threshold ride)

2 Key Runs – (long slow endurance and a shorter tempo session)


This is all simple stuff but its amazing how many people don’t follow this simple formula that works. Then around the above I would work into the weeks Brick sessions, swim drills / technique work, bike cadence work, running strength work and a weekly full body strength and conditioning session. In an ideal world we would all then have time for a sports massage and a flexibility session but as a full time working age grouper this is not always possible and at OTCF we understand this so all plans are always adaptable to suit your work and family needs.

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