You are an Ironman / Long Distance Athlete

Below is the Library of clients memorise going long if you click on the green it takes you to the race report enjoy the memories and let’s create more #chase2raceyourdream 


Ironman World Champs Kona – Rachel Rutherford 

Manx Xtreme Triathlon – Pete Tindall

Ironman Barcelona – Eimear Hoare 

Ironman Wales – Julian Hesp

Ironman Wales – Jordan Skelly

Ironman Wales – Mal Whitelam

Ironman Wales – John Chambers

Outlaw X – Camilla Morgan 

Ironman Worlds 70.3 – Per Svensson

Ironman Tallin – Andy Taylor

Ironman Tallin – Karen Lynch

Ironman Copenhagen – Mel Walker

Ironman Copenhagen – Tammy Ruvino

Ironman Poland – Per Svensson

Outlaw Full – Ian Berridge

Ironman UK – Steve Clark Qualified for Kona (didn’t take spot)

Ironman UK – Andrew Taylor

Ironman UK – Aaron Dawson

Ironman UK – Shawnie Lovatt

Ironman UK – Rhydian Stock

Ironman UK – Gemma Scott

Ironman UK – Craig Scott

Ironman UK – John Chambers

Ironman Frankfurt – Jon Smyth

Ironman Cork – Jack Skelton

Ironman Lanzarote – Steve Clark

Ironman Lanzarote – Jordan Skelly

Ironman Lanzarote – Rachel Rutherford Qualified for Kona 

Outlaw Nottingham 70.3 – Ali Schofield

Ironman Greece  – Vicky Gounari


Ironman Argentina – Jack Skelton

Ironman Barcelona – Eimear Hoare 

Triathlon x Xtreme 70.3 – Dan Ellis

Ironman Wales – Amy Wheldrake

Ironman Wales – John Chambers

Ironman Worlds 70.3 – Jordan Skelly

Ironman UK – Karen Lynch

Ironman UK – Craig Scott

Ironman UK – Gemma Scott

Ironman UK – Neal Markham

The Lakesman – Malcolm Marshall


Ironman Barcelona- Chris Store

Ironman Barcelona – Peter Wordsworth

Ironman Barcelona- Pete Tindall

Ironman Barcelona – Richard Anness

Ironman Wales – Pete Tindall

Ironman Wales – Paul McEwan

Ironman Wales – Ash Evans

Ironman Wales – John Chambers

Ironman Wales – Matt Bagshawe

Ironman Vichy 70.3 – Richard Thompson

Outlaw – Chris Store

Challenge Roth   – Richard Anness

Ironman UK – Steven Johnstone

Ironman Jonkoping 70.3 – Per Svensson

City to Summit – John Chambers

The Wall – Gemma Scott

Triathlon X – Steve Clark Overall Winner 


Ironman World Champs Kona – Steve Grocock

Ironman Barcelona – Bjarte Gronstol

Ironman Barcelona – Graham Cowan

Ironman Vichy – Jo Whitaker

Norseman – Steve Clark

Ironman Maastricht – Mark Harrison

Ironman UK – Nicky Robinson

Ironman UK – Jon Dixon

Outlaw – Steve Ornsby

Outlaw – Dan Ellis

Ironman Austria – Richard Anness

Ironman Austria – Steve and Steve


Challenge Rimini – Steve Clark

Ironman Austria – Gary Baugh

Outlaw – Dan Ellis

Ironman Wales – Steve Beevers,

Ironman Wales – Ian Mcbride

Ironman Barcelona – Steve Clark

Ironman Barcelona – Richard Stenton

Ironman Barcelona – Richard Powell

Sundowner – Steve Clark and Steve Grocock

Ironman Barcelona – Steve Grocock – Qualified for Kona


The Norseman – Richard Olsson

Ironman Malaysia – Luke Mathews Qualifies for Kona

Ironman UK – Debi Coles

Ironman Austria – Scott Barley

Ironman Copenhagen – Steve Dolby

Ironman Copenhagen – Steve Clark

Outlaw – Luke Mathews

Ironman Wales – Dave Gibbs

Ironman Wales – Steve Beevers

Ironman Wales – Dave Hinch

Ironman Wales – Scott Barley

Ironman Switzerland – Robert Woodcock

Ironman Austria – Steve Clark


Challenge Roth – David Hinch

Midnight Man – Andrew Veitch

Ironman Bolton – Luke Mathews Qualified for Kona

Ironman Kona – Steve Clark

Ironman Kona – Robbie Whitaker


Ironman Wales – Robbie Whitaker Qualified for Kona

Ironman Wales – Steve Clark Qualified for Kona

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